We have a strong focus on the latest Contemporary, Young and Street Art. Within this framework, Young Art plays a significant role in opening new windows which are beyond dedication to the established positions of Contemporary Art.

The future will reveal which of these new uprising Young Arts survive and who will place its mark in the History of Art. Yet, we want to be a part of these facinating and creative young movements and present their early stages, while considering the art historical speculation at early stages to the certain degree, because fearing or avoiding art historical speculation would mean missing the great novel opportunities and young art pioneers.

We are dedicated to presenting new regional positions of promising artists, peace & charity projects.

Initiatives for Contemporary & Young Art engagement have started in 2001 by the art historian, Dr. Kolja KramerOver the last 17 years countless exhibition projects have been realised and many regional and international artists have shown their latest productions and positions via our platform. Many of them still play an active and important role in the current regional and international art scene. The operational base of our association is located in Vienna, Austria - the important cultural metropolis between east and west, in the heart of Europe.