Bea Kusovszky

all pictures © Bea Kusovsky

Bea Kusovszky

Bea Kusovszky is an upcoming Hungarian artist who is known for the depiction of photorealistic figures brought to life with oil and acrylics on canvas. These figures are placed in front of vibrant backgrounds in a collage style. She likes mixing her realistic figures with pop art and other art historical sources of inspiration. Reoccurring themes in her works are women´s bodies, nudity and hints of provocation.

Kusovszky lives and works in Budapest, Hungary where she has obtained her master´s degree under Drozdik Orsolya at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Further she has studied at the University of Valencia from where she brought the colours and warm light in her pictures.

2017- Galerie Mitte, Bremen, Inside the collage,
2017- Kubik Art Space, Budapest, Perplexing reflections
2017- Latarka Gallery, Budapest, Heroes Square
2017- Liget Gallery, Budapest, Clean hands
2017- Ar2day Gallery, Budapest, Designer show
2016- Polish Institut, Budapest, Dream hunters
2016- Szenecsár Gallery, Budapest, Together, and alone
2015- Hungarian Kunsthalle, Budapest,Itt és Most
2014- Art Market, Budapest
2014- Art project- Kecskeméti street 3. Budapest
2014- Latarka Gallery, Polish Institute Budapest Sping Showdown
2014- Barcsay Hall, MKE, Budapest, Gender Brush III.
2014- Platán Gallery, Polish Institute, Budapest, Panska Skorka
2014- Léna and Roselli Gallery, Budapest, Open studio
2013- Polish Institut, Budapest - Dissimulare
2013- Olaf Phalme House, Budapest Liget 30- Independent re-action,
2013- Art Expo, Malom Gallery, Szentendre
2012- Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest, Lilith Heritage,
2012- Kludi Art Design Gallery, Budapest, Gender Pool,
2012- Kunsthalle, Paks, Gender Ecset II.,
2012- MKE, Barcsay Hall, Budapest Amadeusz exhibition,
2012- Design Terminal, Budapest – Fresh 2012
2011- Hochsule für Bilden de Künste, Dresden Unglaublich Hasslich,
2011- MKE, Budapest, Gender Ecset I.,
2011- MKE, Barcsay Terem, Budapest
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2017 Kempinski Corvinus Hotel Budapest Art Collections
2014 Partizán Gallery and Studios Art Collections
2013 Ari Kupsus Art Collections
2013.The Art Collection of Erste Foundation
2017 Budapest Bremen scholarschip program
2015 Awards of Hungarian Culture Day
2013 Ari Santeli Kupsus Salon Concert Society-scholarschip
2011 Erasmus program Valencia, Spain
2011 Awards of Hungarian Culture Day