Khosbayar Narankhuu

Khosbayar Narankhuu

Born 1977 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Academic qualification
  BA, University of Culture and Arts, 1994-1998

Career History

  • Director of the Mongolian Theater Museum 2012-2016

  • Artist in a project One Day of the World, 21mх2,5m sized painting 2008-2013

  • Artist in Valiant Art Gallery, 2006- 2008

  • Manager  in Chinggis Art Gallery 2005-2007

  • Artist in Asian art gallery, Kansas city, USA 2000-2005

all pictures © Khosbayar Narankhuu


  • Art expo, New York, USA 2000

  • Mongolian painting and tanka, Ulaanbaаtаr, Mongolia 2005

  • Mongolian old technique master, Arndean gallery, London, UK 2007

  • Mongolian kingdom of horse, Arndean gallery, London, UK 2007

  • Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland 2007

  • Art expo, New York, USA 2008

  • Beijing international Art expo, Beijing, China 2008

  • Art fair, Dublin, Ireland 2008

  • Equine Affair, Pomona, CA. USA 2009

  • Art Ireland Spring collection 09 2009

  • “International equestrian festival 2010” Lexington, Kentucky, USA 2010

  • International handcraft festival Hangzhou, China 2013

  • Organized “The King of Kings” wax figure exhibition 2014

  • Designs of logo and medal for the 90th anniversary of Mongolian museums   2014

  • Mongolian Art Solo Exhibition, NUU Gallerie, Vienna, Austria 2016

  • “Hoch” Exhibition of Mongolian Artists in Vienna, Nuu Galleria, Austria 2017

  • Design and display of Zavhkhan provincial museum, Uliastai town, Zavhkhan



  • Art restoration at the Institute for Restoration and Conservation, Applied Art University, Vienna Oct, 2016-Feb, 2017

  • Training of Museum Display in Korean Case, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • Four level trainings for National Trainer of Mongolian Museums Jun-Oct, 2013

  • Museum management

  • Museum marketing, education, and PR


  • One Day of the World, a large painting sized 21mх2,5 м

  • Mongoldoi, souvenir of wooden dolls as brand object of Theatre Museum of Mongolia

  • Design of Performance Hall, Theatre Museum of Mongolia