Street Art - About our Fine Selection

Vienna as a Street Art Center is internationally recognised by now. It does play a role now, it`s in. Only recently Street Art in Vienna has become a part of the young, contemporary art scene in Vienna. The artistic quality of STREET ART in VIENNA has obviously increases immensly during the last years. An enriching exchange between the outside and inside art and artists takes constantly place and international Street Artists come to Vienna paying respect to the exciting phenomenon and impressive latest developments of Street Art in Vienna, adding their value to Vienna as an International Center of Street Art.
Street Artists like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Space Invader, Obey Giant Shepard Fairey, Roa and others have already a while ago found their place in the international contemporary art world, have entered the galeries and museums, world leading auction houses like Sotheby`s and Christie`s and the art market where their works reach constantly increasing prices - oftentimes now also in the hundreds of thousands. With this exhibition we present an art historical snap shot of most relevant representatives of Street Art Vienna 2018.

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KOLJA KRAMER FINE ARTS with its STREET ART GALLERY VIENNA has a focus on strictly selected Fine Street Art in Vienna. As often with the popular terms, the term "Street Art" is not encompass completely all the Fine Street Art Domain. Other terms such as "Urban Art", "Neo-graffiti" or "Post-graffiti" also play a certain role when describing the phenomenon. The term "Art in Public Space" to us seems to be probably most fitting as it is emphasising the important artistic and free aspect of this artform.  However, as we will see later "Street Artists" or "Artists Working in Public Space" are not always working in public space. Street Artists are often also working inside, neither on the streets, not in public space. But it can be said that a so called Street Artist normally spends more time then non-Street Artists for realising works outside in public space. However - being aware of the certain problematic and inexact use of all the actually terms in use to describe the artform -  we do not have a problem with using the most popular term of them for the moment - Street Art.

KOLJA KRAMER GALLERY is specialised in fine visual and pictorial Street Art with strong artistic, conceptual and aesthetic approach.

We have asked ourselves questions about aesthetics, powerful concepts and experiments, personal and social-political artistic statements while considering high quality standards. We have looked behind the scene and noticed that beyond what is visible outside in public space there is a strong and important interexchange between the outside and inside production: Many "Street Artists" are also "Atelier Artists", some have always been, some have been "Street Artists" first and then became "Atelier Artists" later or the other way round. So it is important to state that Street Art is not only art by artists working on the streets, but also by artists who also work in ateliers. However, mainly it is art by artists that work inside and outside.

For the quality of Street Art outside in Vienna, it has been highly enriching that more "atelier-artists" - mostly with art academy background  - with their purely artistic approaches have entered the streets and public spaces as well. Equally, it is obvious that Street Artists of the first generations in the nineties of the twentieth and the first decade of the 21st century have become a more integrated part in the general art scene in Vienna and have also become older and artistically more experienced and advanced over the last years, which also had a highly positive effect on the quality of Street Art in Vienna.
The orthodox Graffiti of the decades before and after 2000 with its concentration on letters and words, crews and on the street still plays a very important art historical role for Street Art. Still it is obvious that more and more artistic pictures of highest quality appear next to the artistic words of the traditional writers.

Artist often state that their atelier processes have a direct or indirect influence on the works outside and the other way round and that they needed both. Forgetting the atelier production of many "Street Artists", would mean forgetting an essencial part of their artistic beings.

Besides the works outside in public space, there are beautiful interesting drawings and scetches, phantastic editions of prints and much more in acrylic spray can, stencils, acrylic colours, pencil, marker etc. on other mediums such as paper, canvas or wood, which do not need to be sprayed but can also be hung on the wall. Many Street Artists see these works as integrated part of their artistic production and as important ways for communicating with the public as well. 

While you pass by a Street Art mural during a walk, you may be with it for a certain while. However, with the works on paper or canvas, it is also possible to be surrounded by Street Art works at your wall and you can live with it and it's style, expression and concept at home as well.

Not only Banksy, Shepart Fairey, Mr. Brainwash or Invader have produced pictures on paper and etc. for inside walls. The most important Street Artists in Vienna have also created phantastic pictures for the inside which simply can be hung. Besides observing and documenting carefully of Street Arts from art historical point of view, and what is going on outside, we have selected and collected a great quantity of finest Street Art from Vienna. With our exhibitions and sales now we make our fine Street Art selection from the most relevant Street Artists in Vienna accessible and purchasable for all Street art- and art lovers.