Street Art - Frau Isa

all images © Frau Isa / KOLJA KRAMER FINE ARTS  

Frau Isa

Frau Isa is a STREET ARTIST from Vienna. She is also a Viennese illustrator and artist whose vintage-inspired, nostalgia-exuding work perfectly represents the dreamy pastel colored city she lives in. Her designs can be seen on pages of magazines, hanging in galleries as well as in public spaces as STREET ARTWORKS gracing walls of multistory buildings.
Portraying whimsical characters in subtly colored, surreal settings is Frau Isa's signature style.

One of her latest endeavours includes illustrating a children's book but she also works for bigger clients. Next to branding and graphic design, illustration is the main profession of their studio.

Isa's personal work brought her around the world, so you can spot her super-sized STREET ART MURALS in the Dominican Republic, on Mauritius, Germany, Great Britain, and so on.
Isa is part of a Graffiti-Collective called "The Weird". It is known for their unique way of collaborating on a massive scale.