Street Art - Fresh Max


Fresh Max

Fresh Max is a Vienna based artist, illustrator and muralist.
As part of the artist-collective Irga Irga (with Knarf, Mafia/Tabak
and Shida) he loves to travel a lot and paint everywhere he gets.
Always up for new challenges and projects

 In the middle of the city with the worldwide highest density of advertisement an omnipresent flood of images which is impossible to switch off is made of Helvetica and Shutterstock. The clean and soulless aesthetics…
The initial point of my work is a reckless and playful access to these pictorial worlds and the direct working in public space. Graffity and the attraction of the naivety complete the design vocabulary.


          2017  Erasmus semester at the University for illustration and
                     book art Leipzig, Germany
2016-2017 Two Visiting semesters to study painting at Angewandte,
                     Vienna, Austria
Since 2014 Studies Graphic Design, Angewandte, Vienna, Austria
2010-2012 Diploma study graphic design and communication
                     design, University of graphic arts, Vienna, Austria



2017 Knotenpunktfestival, Affenhaus Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
          Solo Exhibition, OJ Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
          Solo Exhibition, Freiraum, Quartier21 Museumsquartier,
          Vienna, Austria
2016 Solo Exhibition and Artist in Residence, The Empire
          Project/Poligon, Istanbul, Turkey
          Exhibition, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
          RYBG Group Art Show, BRAND X Studio, Sydney, Australia
          `Bitte Danke Alles Gute #3´, Au, Vienna, Austria
2015 Rivington Design House, New York, USA
          Jan Arnold Gallery, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria
          Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany
          Inoperable Gallery, Vienna Austria
          `The Essence 15´, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
2014   Exhibition at Perfect Box´, Museumsquartier, Vienna,
          Exhibition at Das Wienerwald, Vienna, Austria
          Exhibition at MKH, Wels, Austria
          Exhibition at Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space, Vienna,
          Solo Exhibition at Perfect Box, Museumsquartier, Vienna,
2013   Exhibition at Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space, Vienna,
          Exhibition at Burn Lab, Vienna, Austria


Works by Fresh Max in public space