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He started painting early in his childhood. He travels like a nomad through Europe. He has lived in Vienna, Munich, London, Hamburg, Bern...
To him art means freedom, that he can do whatever and wherever he wants to. He sees himself as an artist who loves to paint in public places rather than in an atelier. He prefer concrete as a material with all its imperfections because this brings the desired liveliness. That is why he paints on cardboard instead of canvases because this material has - like a concrete wall - its own structure and tells its own history.


Auferstehende Zündhölzer
The works of HNRX are often focused on everyday objects and foodstuff. He enlarges all the things people don't take notice of, transforms them in his comic surrealistic style to big exhibition objects and takes them out of context, giving them a new platform. The "Würschtl" (German word for sausage) has become his personal trademark, after starting his "Rettet die Wurst" ("Save the sausage") campaign in 2012. His art is no political statement and does not deal with world affairs, all he wants is to bring love, joy and pleasure, because in his eyes, the world is beautiful.

"I like the material concrete, the kinds of errors and uneveness in a wall. The background of my pictures is mostly not perfect, so I have to make the best of it. That makes each picture individual and gives it character. It feels "alive" - this is urban art. That's the reason why I never paint on canvas, only on carton or some other material. Because with all its uneveness this makes it nearly the same as a wall and each carton has its own story. 

"I started painting with cans and acrylics around 2012. But I am still in love with art ever since I was born. Focussing on things, let's say objects we use everyday and mostly don't care about, is a lot fun. I want to give them a platform. To put them together in a surreal way and transfer them to a big format on the walls of the streets. This is my passion and what I do everyday."



Solo Exhibtions

2018  Solo Exhibition, Urbanshitgallery, Hamburg, Germany

2017 HNRX Double Exhibition, Together with Tina Girl Tile, Zurich,  


        ‘Streetart Unlimited’, Baden, Switzerland

2016 Solo Exhibition, Improper Walls Gallery, Vienna, Austria

         Solo Exhibtion, Die Färberei, Munich, Germany

2015 Solo Exhibtion, Styleconception, Innsbruck, Austria

Group Exhibtions

2017 Trictly CArdboard Group Exhibition, Takeover-Soho Gallery

         London, England

         Printshow Online Shop Opening, Improper Walls Munich,


        ‘Art on paper’ Exhibtion, O.D. Gallery. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016 ‘Urbane Kunst Winter Edition’, With Urban Heart in Basel.


          Contemporary Pop up art store, Urbanshit Gallery, Hamburg,

          Exhibition, VDA Telesiy Gelerija, Lithuania

          Stroke urban art fair Munich with Art Avenue Gallery, Munich,

          Art Fair Innsbruck with Millionart Gallery, Austria

2015 Calle Libre Opening Exhibition, Ottenheim, Austria

          ‘Neni art collective exhibition’, Neni Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria

           ‘Fresh Group Exhibition’, The Vaults Gallery, London, England

2014 ‘DCC Exhibition #2’, Alte Seifenfabrik, Vorarlberg, Austria                   ‘DCC Exhibition #1’ WUK, Vienna, Austria

  • HNRX
    Street Art Gallery Vienna - Section Donaukanal (Selection 4/2018 ©KK)
  • HNRX
    Street Art Gallery Vienna -- Section Donaukanal (Selection 4/2018 ©KK)
  • HNRX
    Street Art Gallery Vienna - Section Donaukanal (Selection 4/2018 ©KK)

Works by HNRX in public space