Street Art - Peks



The Viennese Street Artist PEKS is best known for his flashy murals spread all across Vienna, Austria. His fonts, mostly the focus of his works, are full of detail and filled with clashing textures and colors. His figurative elements, reminiscent of comic books, have a psychedelic feel to them. It is hard to miss his works when walking through the streets of Vienna. Besides walls, he also likes to paint on paper and canvases.

PEKS has been painting since he went to a school with an emphasis on art at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he moved back to Vienna to study theatre, movie and media science. He graduated in 2013 after submitting his thesis on graffiti. Since this period he has been giving workshops and has had commissions. He is now 30 years old and lives and works in Vienna and Vorarlberg.



PEKS already took part in several group exhibitions in Vienna (WUK, Tonstube) and in Voralberg (Alte Seifenfabrik, Spielboden). He also participated in numerous projects and activities.

           Wien Museum
2018 Livepaitings at readings with the author Irmgard Kramer
           Several livepaintings at festivals

  • HC and Kurz, Vienna
  • Selfportrait with a bat, Vienna
  • Drawer, Vienna
  • Yoga piece, Heiligenstadt, Vienna
  • Methode, Donaukanal
  • Razy Guy, Vienna
  • Quickface, Donaukanal
  • Extinguisherboy,Vienna
  • Blackmagic Woman, Donaukanal, Vienna

Works by PEKS in public space