Street Art Walk Vienna

● You will get an insight into the Viennese Street Art and you will be able to recognise Vienna Street Art and Street Artists after the walk everywhere in the city. 

You are guided well-founded and art historically

● You see qualitatively selected Street Art with artistic approach:    Street Art with Focus on`Art´: aesthetic, conceptual, culturally and socially relevant Street Art.

● You go to places and walls of the locals - where new street art is currently being created 

● Great Street Art photo opportunities - for your personal Street Art Photography!   Do not forget your smart phone or photo camera!

You will get an insight view of the city's authentic Street Art scene in this Street Art Tour Vienna as we work closely with the artists, organise Street Art exhibitions and projects via our Street Art Gallery Vienna. We discover Street Art in areas where most recent Street Art is produced - right at the walls of the locals. You will be shown selected fine Vienna Street Art as selecting Street Art art positions with a focus on art is our daily activity as art historians. You will come to know the most relevant Vienna Street Artists. 
After the 2-hours-Street Art Walk Vienna you will be able to recognise most of the relevant Street Artists of the city whenever you walk in Vienna.
We like to share our passion and art historical and Street Art experience with you. It will be enriching & fun!
( Street Art Wien ) 

Dates: every Tuesday 6 pm, Thursday 5.30 p, Saturday 5 pm

Duration: 2 hours (relaxed walk, metro if necessary)

Bookings: for 1 up to 40 persons

Meeting point: 1010 Vienna
Language: englisch & german

Price & Payment:
25 Euro/Pers. - Groups from 5 Pers.: 20 Euro/Pers. 

Booking & Information:, +43 1 6007455 (Mo-Fr 9.30-14.00)
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Street Art Tour Wien

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Street Art Tour Vienna

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