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Jana & JS

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Selected Street Artists Vienna are represented by the Street Art Gallery Vienna - as part of the KOLJA KRAMER Fine Arts programme -  in Loft 9 11 in the art area of the Brotfabrik, Vienna. These artists are outstanding Street Artists who follow a highly artistic approach in terms of pictorial aesthetics and concept. The noticeable and exceptional quality of their artworks in public space is most important for our selection process. Urban visibility and activity leading to public attention matters and play significant role in the selection process. Without meeting the quality criteria by each piece, quantity as such for this selection process is irrelevant. 

Selected artsits are living and working in Vienna or they are highly present in Vienna. We include those artists with a strong connection to Vienna as well, because of their biography or activities in Vienna; even though they are mainly travelling as international artists or have actually their base elsewhere. International Artists who have come to Vienna only once or twice and do not have a certain special connection with the city, are not considered here as Street Artists Vienna. 

In Vienna there are probably more than 100 artists who are working more or less actively in public spaces in Vienna regularly. In our search for outstanding fine artistic, pictorial, aesthetic, conceptual or/and social-politically relevant Street Art, we see big differences in earnestness, quantity and quality. Our list of selected important artsits of the Vienna Street Art Scene below is not complete. Today, in 2018, there might be still around 5 to 10 artists missing from our list, who would fit to the mentioned criterias and are important for Vienna - depending on what and how you consider (Orthodox, purely word- and letter orientated graffiti-artists, that are highly relevant for the history of Street Art and Vienna are not included). At this stage, this is an open list. We are still convinced to have selected the majarity of the most important representatives of picorial fine Street Art Vienna, which can be confirmed by representatives of the scene and other art connoisseurs. We are grateful and honored to be able to work with these artists and to promote and present their fine artworks.

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